Cowboys in Krakow : A Short History of the Transatlantic Relationship

Direction artistique, illustration et motion design mêlant animation 2d traditionnelle. Premier épisode d'une série de 4 retraçant l'Histoire des relations internationales entre l'Europe et les Etats-unis.

Production : Are We Europe
Client : Fondation Bertelsmann
Assistante motion design : Andréa Reille
Sound design : Gabriel Roches
Juillet 2020
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Cowboys in Krakow looks at the history of the transatlantic relationship. If history tells us anything, debates about the transatlantic relationship are nothing new: tides of isolationism and internationalism have come and gone, but the U.S. and Europe remain the world’s closest allies. From the Marshall Plan to politics in jazz clubs in Paris—and to cowboy films galvanizing the Polish resistance movement—our shared history assures us that our future is better when we take it on together.